We will keep you updated on the school redevelopment/rebuild process on this page.
25 July 2017, our new Admin Block is open

July 2017 Holiday break, the old Office block was demolished.

19 May

28 April

Update as of 26 April

  • Gib walling lining now 90% complete
  • Installation of hall ceiling tiles underway
  • Installation of internal doors complete
  • Joinery is in production
  • Painters expected to commence week of 8 May


  • Flashings now installed
  • Cladding commenced 26 April
  • Ground preparation for landscaping underway

3 March

Roofing and insulation now complete. Windows, doors and internal framing now being worked on.

2 February 2017

Roofing insulation is being installed and the windows have been ordered. At this stage the project is one week behind schedule with an estimated completion date of 22 May.

24 November
There has been a lot of progress on our rebuild. Under-floor heating has been installed and the concrete slab has been poured.
We can now see progress on the building framework itself.

10 October

Hann Construction have been successful with the rebuild contract. Excavation is well underway.

15 August
Tenders for admin block close 19 August. See plan for West Block (admin, library, staffroom and hall block) below.

West Block

2 May
Carpark completion date is 13 May.

15 April
Carpark construction commences 21 April and should be completed in 4 weeks.

18 March
Tenders for carpark construction close 23 March.

16 February 2016
The carpark is ahead of schedule. Demolition is completed and the site has been cleared ready for the carpark construction.

5 February 2016
The OSCAR building is scheduled for demolition 18 February which will make way for our new carpark. It is expected to take approximately 8 weeks from demolition to completion of carpark. There will be a drop-off/pick-up zone within the new carpark which will make it much safer for our children at the beginning and end of the day.

8 December 2015
Stephenson and Turner (S&T) have been appointed the lead design team for both Hornby Primary and Hornby High. S and T led our master planning earlier this year and are familiar with both sites.

24 September
OCTA have been appointed the project management for the both our school and the High School which is being managed as a bundle. As soon as we have definite timelines, we will let you know.

14 September

The finalised master plan will be shared parents at meetings this week in Room 9:
Tuesday 15 September 9am in Room 9.
Wednesday 16 September 3pm in Room 9.

7 September

The design review panel have signed off the school master plan (check link below). The master plan involves where buildings will go and the staging of the process. The next stage is detailed design – what the spaces inside the buildings will look like.
At this stage, the tenders have closed for design and construct. Tender evaluations occur next week.


28 July
Management team met with architect and discussed latest draft plan. When the master plan is completed and has been accepted by the review team (Ministry), we will be sharing the plan with the community.

23 July
Board and staff met to view draft master plans.

20 July
On Tuesday 21 July the senior management team is meeting with the architects to look at the master planning drafts.

2 June
This week the architects will be consulting with our key stakeholders

10.30am: Pasifika – both primary and high school
6pm: both primary and high school boards

12pm: management team
2pm: pupils
3.30pm: staff
5pm: Maori – both primary and high school

19 May
The architects had a very informative visit and left with a much better understanding of what makes HPS ‘tick’ and what we value. The visit will help them come up with a master plan that will reflect the our beliefs about teaching and learning, and the aspirations of our pupils and community.

14 May
A group of teachers visited Halswell School to observe their new build and speak with teachers about the impact of teaching in these new modern spaces. It was a very worthwhile experience and has provided us with lots of ideas for our new build at Hornby.

Large verandahs provide another teaching space             Fantastic furniture

24 April
Stephenson and Turner Architects Engineers have been selected to undertake the Master Planning stage which will commence next month and will take 3-4 months to complete.

Master Planning involves the following:
– understanding the site; landscape, traffic, cultural, etc
– beliefs about teaching and learning
– operational continuity; for example, where will children be located during rebuild ?